French Bulldog Softie by Kristin Loffer Theiss

This plush Frenchie is the perfect companion for any human sofa. The doggie design is initially drawn in thread using free motion sewing and then screen-printed by hand with black ink on the fabric. J’adore

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The Boudoir Interview with Cubby and Ginger

In the city, space is a premium but these pampered pooches are given more square footage than most New Yorkers! In the second of the Boudoir series, we ask Erika Searl how her city dogs live and share her “human” space. Cubby and Ginger are the epitome of style and grace when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. These two pups…

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Is it too Hot for Spot?

  Is it too hot for spot? safety thermometer is brilliant not only for car journeys but also for those few city dog owners that do not leave the air conditioning on for their dog. Dogs overheat very fast and this thermometer provides pet owners with real time information to make intelligent choices. On a hot day, you need to make…

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Oklahoma Volunteer Trip

Hey y’all. I know it has been pretty quiet on the blog since our return to Oklahoma and we apologize. It isn’t coz we don’t love ya (we love you loads), it has just taken a while to process the events that happened while visiting a disaster site. As many of you know, I am a huge animal rescue advocate…

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Single in the city. Must Love Dogs!

So it turns out that 72% of pet owners in New York City, 68.4% in DC and 62% in Chicago are single!!!! Compare that to only 54.7% in the rest of America and you release how many more single pet parents there are in city environments. Gentlemen, this is great news for you as most of these pet parents are…

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