Declutter and Help a Local Shelter

If your house is anything like mine, dog stuff is taking over your world. My hoarding tendencies mean that instead of removing old crates, harnesses, leashes etc, I have been stockpiling them for no good reason. No more. We did a huge clean up and are donating all the unused and outgrown pet products to local animal rescues. Want to…

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The Boudoir Interview starring YumYum and Lollipop

In the city, space is a premium but these pampered pooches are given more square footage than most New Yorkers! Two of New Yorks biggest (and smallest) celebrities are Yum Yum and Lollipop, (owned by Teresa Costanzo) and they are taking the USA by storm!!! Firstly, can you adopt me? Your house looks lovely awwww, thanks so much What fur…

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Organic Lifestyle

Welcome to 2014. Instead of making New Years Resolutions for ourselves this year, everyone at City Dog Expert has decided to make resolutions that will better our dogs lives. The first resolution being to try and embrace a more organic lifestyle for our pups. Pretty much every area of your dogs life can be made green from beds and blankets to…

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