When your dog embarrasses you

As pet owners, sometimes we just have to follow the words of that rather annoying Disney song goes “Let It Go”. We cannot afford to take ourselves too seriously as dog owners because trying to micromanage every element of our own life (let alone our dogs life) is the easiest way to set yourself up to fail. Dogs will be…

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Keeping the dogs clean with Kleen Pet

So now that the summer is really showing it’s face, the dogs are going out on more activities in and about the city. The problem with city activities is City dirt 🙁 Where ever we take the pups, we always take a packet of Kleen Pet waterless washing gloves with us to keep the puppies clean whatever the weather. Living in…

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Road trip to Scotland

Hey guys, So those of your who have been following us on FB, instagram and Snapchat know we have been in Scotland for the last week on a mega road trip. This is the first big road trip we have been on with the dogs and I must tell you that they were incredibly well behaved and really surprised us…

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My dog was hit by a car

There are some moments when being a dog owner is the hardest thing in the world. Where everything goes in slow motion. When you realise that as an owner of another being, you made a terrible mistake. All these thoughts and more went through my head when Houdini was hit by a car a few days ago. What started off…

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