Flea Time

Sadly it’s that time of year again- Flea time. Fleas are quite possibly the most annoying pet parasite and make a pet owners life a misery. Here are a few tips on how to spot fleas on your dog and how to get rid of them. Thankfully in most areas, fleas only appear in the warmer months but we know…

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Dangers in the City for Dogs

Sometimes walking the dogs feels like a round of “Gladiators” with having to weave through busy crowds, watching out for litter and avoiding man hole covers or grates. Sometimes our walks feel more like an assault course than a pleasant walk with our dogs. To save our sanity, we have compiled a list of the biggest dangers to dogs in…

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Probiotic Ice Pops for dogs

Making healthy treats for my dogs is one of my fav activities to do. Once a week, I make probiotic kefir pops for my dog as a daily snack. It’s easy to make and super healthy. You just need 4 ingredients kefir or natural yogurt turmeric (we used powered in this batch) parsley (we used dried in this bath) dog…

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How to brush your dogs teeth

Brushing your dogs teeth can be such a pain at times. It’s something that most dogs hate having done and most owners hate doing. But there is an easy easy way to get your dog used to tooth brushing. Brushing your dogs teeth helps prevent cavities, plaque and smelly dog breath Here is a short video on how you can…

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The “PitPat” – An activity monitor for dogs

Have you ever wondered just how much activity your friend is getting? Or even wondered whether or not they just sit around at home while you aren’t there? Sometimes it can be hard to gauge how much exercise a city dog is getting, especially if you don’t live near any dog friendly park where you can let them off the…

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