Get Fit with Fido

So as many of you know, I am NOT a fitness expert at all!!!! In fact, quite the opposite. But….. in an effort to try and stay on top of my semi forgotten New Years Resolutions , the pups and I are trying to get more active. For this post, we asked fitness expert to the stars  Nadia Murdock  to share…

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Tick 101

Unfortunately, tick’s are not just a country dog problem. Last year, both my dogs (and myself) picked up ticks from our local park while just out on a regular walk. Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of their host, which can be an animal or a human. Ticks are sightless. They get around by using tiny pincer-like claws…

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Hot Down Summer in the City: Keeping pups cool

It is getting hot in the city so here are some tips to keep your pup cool as the temperatures rise Sunscreen for pets Dogs can get sunburned, especially on the ears and nose, and they can get skin cancer just like people. You can find sunscreen made for dogs, but any PABA-free sunscreen will work, says Dr. Susan Nelson,Kansas…

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Memorial Weekend Vacation Tips

While we love all things city dogs, sometimes even the most “city savvy’” pup needs a little vacation. With Memorial Weekend just around the corner, take a few minutes to get your pet organized for the long weekend Your dog should have identification secured on its collar (this is the law in most states). This should include a phone number…

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BONEO Canine Review and GIVEAWAY

BONEO Canine is an all natural supplement that supports the ENTIRE skeletal system – a unique “all-in-one” product for healthy bones and joints in dogs. It is backed by years of scientific research, veterinarian-supervised clinical case studies, and six US patents. So what better product to put our new team member to the test than with this new supplement for…

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