50% of my dogs are broken

It’s been a long weekend. Half of the dogs are broken. Houdini is still suffering from his knee injury and has been referred to an osteopath, and Finn (name still unsure), has cracked his paw pads and limping. We ended up going to the emergency vet yesterday as he was not putting any weight on his foot at all. Similar…

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Simple Ways To Help With Pet Allergies

Did you know that 9% of people are allergic to pets so keeping a low allergy home will help your friends and family. Pets are the second largest cause of allergies in our home (after dust mites). People can be allergic to pet fur, but most people are allergic to the dander on a pets fur. Here are our top…

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Top 5 Summer Grooming Tips

So summer is officially here (whoop whoop) and it is time to start preparing our pups for the summer. Before you shave your poor pooch, check out these top 5 grooming tips from celebrity dog groomer Louise Hamilton from 1066 Dog Grooming Top 5 grooming tips throughout summer 1. Don’t shave your dog “Shaving my dog short will keep it cooler”. This…

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Bath Buffer Review

The lovely people at Spongables sent us the Haute Dog Bath Buffer to try out on the hounds (specifically the dirty dog that is Harley Quinn). Bathing the dogs has never been the most fun thing in the world, and I often get more wet and covered in product than the dogs do! I was biting at the bit to…

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