Dogs of Instagram Meet- London

INVITATION: 14th October | 1pm  Dogs of Instagram Annual Event After the success of last years first ever official Dogs of Instagram event, we are back with another instaworthy adventure! We would love to invite you & your pup to this years Dogs of Instagram event. It will be a wonderful day out with the opportunity to network, meet others and…

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Crossbreed and Rescue Dog Pop Up Event

Pugs, Frenchies and Sausage Dogs have all had a taste of café culture and now London’s first ever Crossbreed Dog Café will pop up to rock the world of the city’s ‘blended’ doggos with delicious doggy treats including life-enhancing superfood, puppuccinos, a pup photobooth, new friends and more.   Hosted by dog-friendly Paws for Coffee café and dog superfood company…

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Teddy Maximus New Collection and Pop Up

Magnificently timed with London Fashion Week’s new stance against animal cruelty, the new collection from Teddy Maximus features vegan friendly harnesses, carriers and accessories for the conscientious (yet forward thinking) canine.

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Boudoir Interview with the fabulous YuMiZu

Continuing in our series of Boudoir Interviews, we finally had a chance to interview; Yuyu (Brown Toy Poodle), Yumi (the Pomeranian) and Yuzu (Silver Toy Poodle), 3 of the most adorable dogs to come out of Shanghai. Yuyu and Yumi are both rescues, (and we all know how much I love rescue dogs). Together, they are called YuMiZu. What makes…

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5 Tips for a Clean Pet Home

Dogs add so much joy to our lives that sometimes we forget the negatives associated with them. Depending on the breed you have, can either make clean up super easy… or a daily misery. Short haired breeds are known to molt less, however wire-haired breeds and terriers are the exception to the rule. I also don’t know any pug owners…

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