Memorial Weekend Vacation Tips

While we love all things city dogs, sometimes even the most “city savvy’” pup needs a little vacation. With Memorial Weekend just around the corner, take a few minutes to get your pet organized for the long weekend Your dog should have identification secured on its collar (this is the law in most states). This should include a phone number…

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Kippy Pet Tracker

“why should our iphones have more security than our pets do?” In a world where our dogs are trained better in our mind than in reality, even the most perfect dog will give into the temptation of wondering off to smell the freshest fox poo on a walk or to find just the perfect tree to lift it’s leg on.…

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Dogs at Weddings

Wedding season is upon us, and on your special day you want to be surrounded by the things you love the most. For many people that means including their dogs at the ceremony (we know we would include ours). So we thought it would be helpful to go over the most frequently asked questions we receive and answer them for you.…

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Pooch and Mutt Giveaway

When a large package arrived in the post, the pups were super excited to see that it was from their fav treat supplies Pooch and Mutt. Needless to say, they were gobbled up with excitement (and even dreamed about by Jester!!!!) What we love about Pooch and Mutt is that they proudly source all ingredients, make everything and produce everything in…

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