5 Reasons to Foster a Dog

Maybe you love dogs and cannot watch the commercials on television asking for donations to help abused and abandoned puppies. Maybe you cannot drive near the local animal shelter because you’re afraid you will want to adopt every single dog in the place. Maybe you already walk dogs as a part-time or full-time job and have been looking for a way to help dogs…

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Keeping Your Dog Clean in Winter

The wind has set in, and the days are getting colder and colder. With the weather change comes the rain. For dog owners everywhere, rain means mucky pups!! On every single walk now, I find that I am having to clean the dogs afterwards. It doesn’t rain every day thankfully, but the lack of sunshine means that mud and puddles linger…

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Top 3 products to help your dog with firework phobia

Fireworks are the nemesis of many a dog; their big lights in the sky and crashing sounds can turn even the bravest dog into a shivering wreck who is foaming at the mouth. While the level of anxiety caused by fireworks can vary from dog to dog, it is sensible as an owner to start building your dog up to…

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Discover Dogs Giveaway

Want to win free tickets to arguably the best dog show in the UK? This year the Eukanuba Discover Dogs event is back and bigger than ever. With over 3,000 dogs expected this year and thousands more animal lovers, you will be in for a treat this year at Discover Dogs. Our fav part of Discover Dogs is meeting all…

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Chuck It review and GIVEAWAY

  Sometimes being a dog owner is exhausting. I am relatively lucky that my 3 hardly need any exercise and rate pretty high on the laziness scale. However, having said that, I still don’t always have time to fulfil my dogs every need and still retain my “humanness” (job, friends, relationships, etc). They can be demanding at times (even though…

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