Sunday Musings

So it’s press day today for the charity I volunteer for and we were on strict instructions to look smart and presentable. I haven’t been sleeping well so took a sleep aid last night and woke up groggy to the foster puppy having poopageddon all over the floor. I try and tread carefully around it only to slip over a…

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The Importance of Socializing Your Puppy

As a Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Expert, I am often surprised by the number of dog owners who don’t adequately socialize their puppies properly. I don’t think that breeders and vets stress the importance of socialization from a very early age. Sadly, lack of socialization can affect a dogs personality and behavior for the rest of their lives. There…

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How To Spring Clean A Dog Lovers Home

Its that time of year again. Time to actually make an effort in the cleaning department and try and remove the dog smell, paw prints, random stains on the floor and carpet in an effort to finally tick something off your To Do List!! It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but we have your back with our top tips on…

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How to Help Seniors Take Care of Their Pets

Pets have the ability to make anyone happy, which is perhaps the reason why there are between 70-96 million cats and dogs in the homes of US residents. Having a pet can be particularly helpful for the elderly, and can keep them happy and healthy when they are living alone. At the same time, there are concerns when it comes…

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