Vacation Checklist for Dog Owners

Travelling with your pet without being prepared can be more stressful than planning the vacation itself! We have comprised a complete list of things you need for your pet when travelling. CHECKLIST Before You Leave ___  Get health certificate from vet if needed ___  Refill prescription medications your dog needs ___  Immunization Records ___ Create a folder on Google docs…

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in a Heatwave

So today it reached 34C in London, UK. A country not known for it’s hot summers (we are famous for rain!!). Sadly, because of our normally crappy weather, noone is remotely prepared for this heatwave. I tried to purchase an air conditioner and the waiting list is 5 weeks!!! None of the shops have air conditioning, nor do any mode…

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Respect Your Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters and Dog Day Cares are becoming increasingly popular in the City. They are a safe way to have your puppy or dog looked after while you are work for the day and are a brilliant solution for dogs with anxiety issues when left alone. However, it is shocking to me the number of people that drop their dog…

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Fun Quiz that will make a Difference to Guide Dogs

  The UK charity Guide Dogs has announced that their Great British Dog Survey – a fun nationwide questionnaire, that gets dog owners chatting about their beloved pooches, is now open!   They’d love for you to take part and answer fun questions about your dog’s personality and cheekiest habits by visiting, . You’ll also be entered into a prize draw (terms…

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How to Protect your Dog from a Terrorist Attack

Most of you have probably already heard that London was the latest place to be attacked by terrorism over the weekend. While terrorism around the world is a terrible and shocking thing, this attack happened less than 8 minutes from the City Dog Expert HQ so became a little more personal than most. What was even more shocking than the…

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