When your dog embarrasses you

As pet owners, sometimes we just have to follow the words of that rather annoying Disney song goes “Let It Go”. We cannot afford to take ourselves too seriously as dog owners because trying to micromanage every element of our own life (let alone our dogs life) is the easiest way to set yourself up to fail. Dogs will be…

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Our Hanukkah Pinterest picks!

While many of us are gearing up for Christmas, Jewish families, and individuals, are getting ready for Hanukkah. At this time of year, for any of us, it can be easy to forget about our dogs. Once again, we’ve browsed pinterest, repinned to our Hanukkah board, and found some lovely ideas for your dog during the 8 days of Hanukkah. (All…

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Review of the new Co-op Crossbreed tool

Do you know your Cockapoos from your Shihpoos? Or your Puggle from your Borador? Neither did we until we were given the opportunity to test the new Crossbreed tool from The Co-operative Insurance. The tool allows you to explore many different crossbreeds by just selecting the parent breeds. Each page have a clear interface and is very easy to use. The instructions…

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Our Thanksgiving Pinterest picks!

While we are all gearing up to spend Thanksgiving with our families, it is important not to forget our pups. We’ve been searching around the internet for Thanksgiving gifts for dogs, we’ve found some really lovely things! These are just a fraction of the Thanksgiving ideas we’ve found. Our Pinterest album can be seen right here! (All of these items…

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Our Halloween Pinterest picks!

We all know that Halloween can be a bit of a scary time for our 4 legged friends but it is also possible to not leave them out when we are getting ready for trick or treaters or going out to Halloween balls. There are alot of things on the market which have been designed with dogs in mind at…

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