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So how do you pamper your dogs?

Spa sessions? Massages? Grooming appointments? Treats?

Jester having a spa day and relaxing massage with his teddy

Jester having a spa day and relaxing massage with his teddy

In celebration of  IAMS Visible Difference products, we were asked how we cater to our food obsessed Furry Foodie and how we spoil them.

My pups love food. They love food so much that an entire shelf is dedicated to their food and treats. With them being rescues, I always find it really hard to show restraint when it comes to spoiling them with treats, food and kisses. And like with people, food is the best way to win over a #FurryFoodies heart 😉

We spoil our dogs with treats and food

We spoil our dogs with treats and food

IAMS Visible Difference products are available at your local Walmart and as a way of spoiling your dogs, you can claim a free collapsible dog bowl with every purchase

IAMS food is available for all dogs, shapes and sizes

IAMS food is available for all dogs, shapes and sizes

Shoppers who buy the new IAMS ProActive health dog food will be able to text or upload their receipt and receive a free collapsible food bowl in the mail till November 30, 2015. All you have to do is  text “DOGBOWL” with a photo of your receipt to 811811 (only valid on purchases made from 9/15/15-11/30/15)

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By feeding your dog IAMS, you will see a visible difference in their energy levels, skin, coat and digestion. That’s the IAMS® satisfaction guarantee or your money back

All the things my dogs love

All the things my dogs love

IAMS is 100% proactive nutrition with 0% fillers and with over 36 different kinds of IAMS Visible Difference products that qualify for your free bowl (including Grain Free, Premium, Healthy Naturals), you are sure to find one that works for your City Dog.


 To learn more about the visible difference IAMS can make in your pet, visit the IAMS Visible Difference website

How Do You Spoil Your Dog?

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  1. Cathy Armato

    I spoil the heck out of my dogs with all kinds of treats, toys, and premium food. Iams was the first “premium” food I ever fed a pet. My cat lived almost 19 years on Iams food! This sounds like a great new food from Iams.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. Maureen

    When I first got a pet years ago I fed IAMs and moved away from it over the years. It’s good to know they are offering some other variety. I am totally impressed by how organized you are with the dog treats!

  3. Mary E Haight

    I love your treat jars!! OMD — how many dogs do you have, lol, you could feed an army there =) Thanks for the review — do you know if ingredients are sourced in North America and are they making this food in the US or are they still manufacturing everything in China? It seems as if some of their formulas have changed so I’m curious. Thanks!

    • City Dog Expert

      This is only for 3 of them. I am a bit of a hoarder so like having lots of treats in supply!! lol

      I have passed your questions on to the company and as soon as I have a reply will update you 🙂

  4. Robin

    I definitely spoil my kitties! They have treats and toys galore. I love to see them happy and healthy. 🙂 IAMs does seem like an awesome company. I hope that you are seeing good results with your dogs.

  5. Elizabeth Keene

    I wouldn’t take a photo of the inside of my pantry for anything! OK, at least not in the shape it’s in now. Managed chaos, it is. 🙂 Very impressed with your organization and display skills!

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