Review of Rams Dog Food

We don’t usually review pet food as it is often a very personal choice for owners. Kibble verses canned? cooked verses raw? It is a very difficult decision to make and one as a reviewer I always approach with trepidation. However, after trying Rams Dog Food, my guys are hooked. We have always fed products that were organic and used…

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Review of the calm coat

Separation anxiety and other fear anxiety issues are a serious problem for many pets and owners in America. Living in the city can sometime concentrate these problems with the number of people, other animals and loud noises. The attack on all senses can make an anxious dog become paralyzed with fear. The calm coat is a natural and non invasive…

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Houdini looking dapper in his tux

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Senior soiree fundraiser for k9kastle

Last night, city dog expert organized a fundraiser for k9kastle at a store in manhattan, N.Y. Thank you all so much to everyone that came out for the event. We raised a total of $1000 specifically to aid the senior dogs in need. Special thank you to all the fabulous volunteers, the sponsors for the evening, and everyone that donated…

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Review of Harry Barker Natural Refreshing Spray

Ever wanted to know what “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” smelled like? Then Harry Barker Natural Refreshing Spray is for you. This product smells incredible. The floral scent is delicate and not remotely overpowering yet manages to cut through that “eau de wet dog” perfectly. Harry Barker advises using on a dry coat but I have been spraying…

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