Simple Ways To Help With Pet Allergies

Did you know that 9% of people are allergic to pets so keeping a low allergy home will help your friends and family.

Pets are the second largest cause of allergies in our home (after dust mites). People can be allergic to pet fur, but most people are allergic to the dander on a pets fur.

Here are our top tips to keep your house clean and allergy free


Clean the floor.



Carpet is a dander magnet so opt for tile or lino for easier cleaning. If you cannot get rid of your carpet, use a specialised vacuum designed specifically for pet fur. We also use a carpet washer frequently

Wash your dog


Using a specialist pet shampoo will help reduce dander on your pet and also help reduce fur loss. You can use the Kleen Pet cleaning glove daily to keep on top of dander and loose fur.

Get Grooming


A professional grooming session is a great way of removing dead fur and skin cells from your dogs coat. In between grooms, we use the Kleen Pet Cleaning Glove to keep on top of dog odour and loose fur

Bed time


Giving your pet it’s own bed prevents dander and fur from getting on the mattress. Make sure you wash the pet beds and all sheets regularly on a hot wash

Condition Fur


Keeping a well conditioned dog coat will reducing shedding. We use the Kleen Pet Dog cleaning Mitt daily to keep our pets coat nice and conditioned. It also helps reduce smell.



Keep on top of all laundry and wash on a hot wash. We have to wash our dog bedding twice a week to keep on top of odour and fur and dander left behind


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  1. Lindsay

    My girl Cow has been looking pink and bald like this lately. Washing with medicated shampoo and rubbing coconut oil or apple cider vinegar water all over her has helped.

  2. Kia

    Awesome tips! I don’t know anyone that is allergic to dogs, but I will definitely keep these things in mind. Simba who is a Mini Schnauzer is actually on the top of the list for people that suffer from allergies…considered hypoallergenic.

    • City Dog Expert

      hypoallergenic dogs are a God send to so many people. Sadly don’t help those allergic to the dander though 🙁
      What horrible dogless lives they must lead 😉

    • City Dog Expert

      I have never found an affordable air purifier on the market that works so if you can point me in the right direction, I would love to get a few to try

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