Top 5 Reasons City Dogs are Awesome

So we love City Dogs. We love them so much, that we dedicated a blog to them.

But what makes a City Dog awesome?

Here are our top 5 reasons why City Dogs are awesome

They smell Amazing


By default, City Dogs live in small spaces (don’t we all wish that wasn’t that case). ¬†With small spaces, comes the issue of smell…more specifically, dog smell!! Because us City Dog Owners don’t have the option of putting our dogs in the “utility room”, or back yard, we generally wash and send our dogs to the groomers as soon as Fido starts to pong!

They are well socialized

Nuno Lopes / Creative Commons

Nuno Lopes / Creative Commons

There is no way of avoiding other dogs in City Environments. With the increase of dog runs, day care and dog walkers, our City Dogs are around other dogs a lot more than their country counterparts. This helps increase socialization and manners.

They are well trained

Houdini showing off his impulse control skills

Houdini showing off his impulse control skills

Percentage wise, more City Dogs enroll in dog training classes than their country cousins. This doesn’t automatically make them super well trained, but it does give us owners a lot of tools in our belt to cope with having dogs in small spaces.

They love cuddles

_tar0_,, Creative Commons Licence

_tar0_,, Creative Commons Licence

While this isn’t true for all dogs, City Dogs are used to being the center of attention and having strangers they meet gush all over them. Dogs in the city are not the norm, so every dog lover you come across will be sure to say “hi” to Fido.

They can handle Anything

Subways, buses, garbage trucks, crazy people, you name it- I bet you a City Dog can handle it. Statistically speaking, City Dogs are more exposed to random and spontaneous situations which makes them nearly bomb proof when it comes to most situations.


We love City Dogs. Don’t you?

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