Things you need to know about microchipping in the UK

At the moment, it is only required that all dogs wear a collar and have an ID tag. Compulsory microchipping of dogs comes into effect on April 6th this year. In February 2015, the Government laid out its plans to have all dogs in the UK microchipped by April 6th in its Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015. This covered…

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Welcome to Poop Pot!

Following on from our post about the dog poo DNA post, we have received a fantastic product from PoopPot to show you. The PoopPot is a fantastic product for those who aren’t particularly keen on carrying full and smelly poop bags around until a bin can be found. Being a responsible dog owner is paramount but picking up after their dog…

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Win tickets to Crufts!

City Dog Expert have teamed up with Crufts to bring you an amazing giveaway! 2 pairs of tickets to the Crufts Weekend! We are giving away 2 pairs of 4 day passes to the Crufts weekend, 10 – 13 March. All you have to do is comment below telling us what you are looking forward to seeing, if you were…

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When an infographic rings true…

We’ve all done it. Scrolling through our timeline on Facebook, seeing all the pictures and news stories others have shared, and then you come across something which makes you stop, read and pay attention. Today, it happened to me. This is the infographic I saw: This instantly flashed me back to when we’d just welcomed Jaina into our home, I’d…

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What a mess!

There is one thing that used to annoy me when I was out with the kids in our pre-dog days and, now that I have Jaina, it annoys me even more! The issue is the amount of dog mess left on the streets because people don’t clean up after their dogs have “done their business”. Some people would argue that…

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