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Kimberly Marie Freemanwith Riley

City Dog Expert founder Kimberly Marie Freeman has been a leading dog industry expert and professional dog trainer for 14 years both in the UK and USA. She launched City Dog Expert in 2012 after realizing the tremendous difficulties dog owners in NYC  and other big cities have in finding products, events and things to do that are specifically designed for a dog in the city. Kimberly has served as the director of City Sit Stay, where she provides private and group training lessons for all ages of dog, head trainer at DOTS London, rescue coordinator at Brooklyn Animal Action and fundraising advisor for many NYC based animal charities. She regularly is a key note speaker as a dog lifestyle and behavioral expert.

Kimberly also works as a professional actress and voice over artist both on stage and screen. 

The first dog I had… was Sam the lab mix. I was a young child and my parents brought home this wild, untrained adolescent dog that they had rescued from the pound. I was absolutely petrified of Sam and wouldn’t go outside with him for the entire summer. Once he calmed down (and had some training), he became a brilliant companion. Within months of getting Sam, my parents rescued Meg (another lab mix) who helped me experience the true bond between dog and owner. Even though Meg was technically my sisters dog, I would often take her for walks and just sit with her for hours stroking her fur. She taught me what loyalty meant.

The first puppy I had… was a little chocolate retriever who I ended up calling Riley. I rescued him weeks after my Yorkshire terrier “Louis” died of cancer. Riley helped me get over the mourning process from having lost Louis, but also was there for me at every major life event. Sadly, Riley died on October 22nd 2012 and I still miss him every day

My most memorable dog decision: Probably rescuing Houdini from the local shelter. I thought I had no space for a dog in my Chelsea studio when I rescued this little muffin and absolutely overcompensated by walking him for 4+ hours a day and a full day of daycare!!

The dog products I always have with me: Kongs (I am a crazy Kong lady), poop bags, a squeaky toy and treats

When I’m not playing with my dogs, I’m… Thinking about them. Is that an illness? Seriously, though, my favorite past times include walking the dogs, puppy play dates, training the pups, theatre, movies and music

My dog walking style: I flitter between urban casual (walking at a nice comfortable pace with the babes focused and walking to heel) and Prima Donna pup (where the babes and myself are all dressed up and ready for the catwalk)!!


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    • Tick 101 post is coming out on Tuesday. Let me know what you think

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