Pro Pooch Review and Giveaway

When the team at Pro Pooch invited us to try their Luxury Pamper Pack, we jumped at the chance. Dog shampoos are always a tough one for my household. I insist on cruelty free, vegan friendly products, ideally made locally . The dogs however like the smell of fox poo, with minimal artificial fragrance added. Pro Pooch met all our…

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Top 5 Vegan Dog Products

As the world is encouraged to become more vegan by the World Health Organization and UN, we should not forget the impact our pets have on the environment around us. As pet owners, we have a responsibility to do the best by our pet. However, that does not necessarily mean supporting the use of animal products in dogs accessories. A…

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Goodbye Houdini

7 minutes 7 minutes is all it takes to change your life and your entire career path. When I first rescued Houdini, he was an accident. I had arrived at the shelter to pick up another dog who was sadly euthanized before I arrived. I asked what small dog was next and they took me to a cage in the back…

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The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Dog Dementia

Owning a senior dog is hard work. Houdini is 18 and had been diagnosed with dementia for over a year.

I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard as hell to deal with. I thought I would put this guide together to help you know what to look out for

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The Final Goodbye – Should You Stay or Should You Go?

As someone with an elderly dog that sadly has to be put to sleep soon, this guest post by Cat Henstridge is perfectly timed. I saw the meme on social media, and was disgusted by it

Recently a meme has being doing the rounds on social media purporting to be from a vet, begging pet owners to not leave their best friends in their final moments and discussing how distressed animals get if people choose not to stay.

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