Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect City Dog

Providing you have the necessary permissions from your building and landlord having a dog in the city can be one of the most pleasurable experiences of urban living. SIZE One thing you need to take into consideration when choosing a city dog is the size of your dog versus the size of the space they will be living in. If…

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Keeping a Dog in the City is Cruel

Today I received my first piece of hate mail from a stranger that stumbled upon City Dog Expert online. It was a little bit of a shock to the system as normally the emails I receive are from people that like the website. Bubble burst. The hate mail was along the lines of “keeping a dog in a small space…

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Welcome to Poop Pot!

Following on from our post about the dog poo DNA post, we have received a fantastic product from PoopPot to show you. The PoopPot is a fantastic product for those who aren’t particularly keen on carrying full and smelly poop bags around until a bin can be found. Being a responsible dog owner is paramount but picking up after their dog…

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The “PitPat” – An activity monitor for dogs

Have you ever wondered just how much activity your friend is getting? Or even wondered whether or not they just sit around at home while you aren’t there? Sometimes it can be hard to gauge how much exercise a city dog is getting, especially if you don’t live near any dog friendly park where you can let them off the…

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New Dog in the City

  Hi there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Emma and this is my 7 yr old American Staffie cross Jaina. I am the second in command here at City Dog Expert and I am also a new dog owner. Together with my family, I live in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in North East England. Jaina originally comes from Sweden and has…

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