Finding a pup friendly home

Having a dog in the city can be difficult (especially if you are renting an apartment). With many landlords putting weight limits, breed restrictions and installing “no pet” policies. Moving apartment can often seem like an impossible task. However there are some things that you can do that will make it easier for a landlord to want to rent to…

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Best Beaches in NYC

Question: Now the weather has warmed up, I want to take my dog to the beach with me in NYC. Where do you recommend? Answer: At beaches run by the Department of Parks and Recreation including Rockaway Beach, Coney Island and Brighton Beach, dogs are allowed from Oct. 1 to May 1 which is wonderful when the weather is nice enough to…

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The Boudoir Interview with Cubby and Ginger

In the city, space is a premium but these pampered pooches are given more square footage than most New Yorkers! In the second of the Boudoir series, we ask Erika Searl how her city dogs live and share her “human” space. Cubby and Ginger are the epitome of style and grace when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. These two pups…

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Fun website for NYC dog owners

Wanted to know what the top 10 dog names are in NYC? Or what breed runs your neighborhood? is a fun website that tells you all this and more     Harley Quinn and Houdini are unique names for unique dogs

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I scream. You scream. Our dogs scream for YAPPY TREATS CART

I think it is official. The sun has arrived and with it comes long walks in the park, vacations by the beach and…..Frozen yogurt for pups!! Yappy Treats Cart is the first ice cream cart for dogs in NYC. The brain child of Laura Diaz (internationally trained chef), Yappy Treats Cart was designed specifically with her dogs in mind. Their…

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