10 Things Only City Dog Owners Understand


Sometimes having a City dog is the best thing in the world, other times the world makes it unnecessarily hard on us and our dogs. Having said that, we compiled a list of 10 things that every City Dog owner will understand.


1. When your dog will only pee on grass and there is none to be found nearby

Photo by Creative Commons

Photo by Creative Commons

2. Being on Trash alert

Picture curtosy of http://www.resetsanfrancisco.org


3. No Dogs Allowed signs when you just want to have brunch with your pup

Dog Friendly pub in the UK

4. Apartments having age/weight/breed restrictions

Small Dogs only 🙁


5. Taxi drivers giving you the evil eye and refusing to stop


6. Running out of poo bags while your dog poops in front of the fine sign


7. The joy of finding a fully enclosed dog park


8. Letting your dog play in the fresh snow before anyone else in the city is awake

Dog in the snow- Creative Commons: John Talbot


9. Never letting Fido off lead 🙁


10. Training a puppy to pee outdoors and living on the 12th floor

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  1. Rochelle

    All of these!!! What makes it especially “ruff” for me and Henry is that Henry is dog reactive, and it’s hard to avoid other dogs. Finding a dog park is tricky (no car, none nearby, and always other dogs!) and it’s a bummer not being able to bring him to all of the fun dog events the city has to offer.

  2. M. K. Clinton

    Bentley and Pierre are never off leash except in our fenced backyard but I know they would hate not being able to run free. We found finding grassy areas to be a problem on our most recent road trip. I do not understand weight restrictions in apartments.

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