bored with it all

How did you get your name: When my mama first adopted me, i used to escape a lot. On my first day, I got out of a locked crate 6 times!!!

What I love most about being a city dog: Everything. I was found wondering the streets in Harlem and have been a New York dog ever since. I love the variety of options available to us dogs in the city.

My most regrettable look: Mama, gave me a blue “Mohawk” once as she knows how I love matching everything to my one blue eye. It was a disaster. I tried to take all the pictures down from the internet, but there are some still floating about somewhere. Le Sigh

The product I always have with me: Paw Wax. Got to keep those feet puppy soft

When I’m not being a dog, I’m… Reciting poetry, listening to Opera and smoking on my pipe squeaky toy!

My signature look: Puppy cut with longer, rounded ears. Usually wearing something blue and eating something delicious


Houdini and City Dog Expert for Animal Planet

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