Join the madness on the worlds first podcast dedicated to all things City Dogs


CITY DOGS- Episode 8- Rory The Vet

Rory explains all things Coronavirus/Covid-19. Brexit and the Pet Travel Scheme, and the World Exclusive on his new book

CITY DOGS- Episode 7- The Greyhound Trust

We are back with season 2 of the City Dogs podcast and our first guest is the incredible Tracey Parbery, chair of the Greyhound Trust Hall Green

CITY DOGS- Episode 6- Teddy Maximus

We are so lucky to have London’s leading pet accessory brand in for a podcast. Please welcome Holly and the inspiration behind the brand, Teddy Maximus

CITY DOGS- Episode 5- Rory The Vet

Rory the Vet is a celebrity vet based in London. We interview him about his career, and city life with animals

CITY DOGS- Episode 4- Pop Sausage

Pops (The Sausage Dog) is one of London’s sassiest pups. With her witty attitude, and diva stance, this little doxie is taking London by storm

CITY DOGS- Episode 3- Le Corgi

Le Corgi is the most famous social media savvy corgi in the UK

CITY DOGS- Episode 2- Doggy Style Market

Doggy Style Market is London’s largest dog market inspired by Lucie Herring’s dog Parker

CITY DOGS- Episode 1- Buxton The Rescue Dog

For our first episode of the CITY DOGS podcast, we are talking to London based rescue dog, Buxton

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