Vet Issues Toxic Blue-Green Algae Warning to Dog Owners

What is blue-green algae and how does it differ from green algae? “While blue-green algae sounds the same as green algae the two are vastly different. First and foremost blue-green algae is a form of bacteria that is sometimes referred to as ‘cyanobacteria’, and most of the time cannot be seen by the naked eye. “However, blue-green algae can sometimes be identified if it clumps…

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10 Dog-Friendly Lidos and Indoor Pools for a Safer Paddle This Autumn

Our furry friends love to dip their paws in the water and enjoy a paddle, however, with blue-green algae present in a number of rivers and lakes across the UK, it can be extremely difficult to find a safe swimming spot for your four-legged friend. That’s why the team at tails.com have rounded up some of the best dog-friendly swimming pools and lidos you can visit this…

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‘Mash Potato Like Substance’ Can Kill Dogs In 24 HOURS – Dog Expert Advises Worried Dog Owners

Dog owners are being warned of the dangers surrounding blue-green algae, as a substance similar to mash potato has been discovered in the UK, able to kill a dog in as little as 24 hours.  Google trends data shows a 5,000% increase in searches for ‘is blue green algae toxic to dogs’ so this is actively being searched for and concerned pet owners want to keep their dogs as safe as possible.…

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Dog Expert Provides Advise on How To Calm Anxious Dogs

In recent years, our weather has been changing quickly, and the transition from sunshine and 37°C to lightning and heavy rain can be a strange time for dogs and cause them to feel unsettled and behave differently. Dogs may be fearful and anxious during lightning due to its unpredictability, dark skies and loud claps of thunder; which all contribute to feelings of fear. Ensure You…

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How To Perfectly Clean Your Pooch

THINK YOU ARE GIVING YOUR DOG A GOOD CLEAN THINK AGAIN TOG24 partners with Cheshire Dogs Home to provide hints and tips on how to perfectly clean your pooch New research from TOG24 has revealed the top spots in the UK for popping the question. And it’s all about the countryside. –        Dog owners need to avoid the mistake of constantly bathing their dog –        Owners also…

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Every Dog Has It’s Day – Here’s How To Help Your Dog If they’ve Lost a Furry Friend

Two loving dog owners have made their dog a bucket list after he fell ill with pulmonary fibrosis. The list includes a whole manner of things like getting a cheeseburger, staying in a hotel and meeting farm animals. The death of a pet is a heartbreaking and tragic event for many families and humans grieve in their own way. But it does beg the question…

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