EMBARGOED: Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home reveal record year for number of pets seeking new homes

RELEASE UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 00:01 Tuesday November 28th Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home reveal record year for number of pets seeking new homes  – It’ll be lonely this Christmas for almost a hundred dogs and cats in Edinburgh as a record number of families have had to make the difficult decision to give up their pets this year – With a rise in the number…

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As owning an XL Bull becomes illegal, Complete Clarity Solicitors warns that dog owners need to be aware of the law regarding dog attacks

Bully dog…

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Experts Warn Dog Owners to be on the Lookout For Poisonous Mushrooms This Autumn

Winter is just around the corner, and with the changing season comes the sprouting of fungi, which appear to be popping up everywhere, from local parks and fields, to woodland areas and even gardens. While wild mushrooms may seem harmless, many species of fungi are toxic to our canine companions and can not only be harmful, but potentially fatal if ingested and not treated immediately.…

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Bizarre pet laws: £100 fine for no poo bag

Animal-loving tourists have been warned of bizarre pet laws abroad which could see them hit with thousands in fines or even jailed.  With annoying pets banned in Scotland and huge fines for not carrying a dog poo bag in England, experts have warned those travelling to do their research. No annoying pooches: Different pet laws around the world Tourists have been warned of bizarre international pet laws…

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How to Keep Your Canine Companion Away from the Christmas Tree

With the run-up to Christmas well underway, it is time to unbox all the decorations. Real or fake, Christmas trees are a staple when it comes to decking the halls this festive season. Especially as the evenings get longer and the days become shorter, Christmas trees light up the room with their warm, cosy glow. However, with a four-legged friend around, sometimes the tree can…

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How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks This Weekend

Why does my dog get anxious during fireworks “A lot of dogs are afraid of loud noises, especially unpredictable ones such as thunder or fireworks, which causes them fear, stress and anxiety, and as an owner, it can be distressing to watch them suffer every bonfire night. “Without having been habituated to loud and unpredictable noises during the unique developmental period in their puppyhood when…

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