Mikki Pet Grooming Products Review

Brushing our dogs is one of the most basic care needs that our pets require. The Mikki Pet Grooming Products that are reviewed in this post are the perfect addition to a grooming routine. Depending on the breed, depends on how frequently the grooming schedule will look like. For my 6 Pomeranians, I have to groom them daily to make sure their coats are in…

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How to involve your dog in family events

Guest post all about how to involve your dog in family events and make sure the day goes off without a hitch! Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is getting a bit left out when you have family events? Of course, dogs don’t realise when it’s a holiday or occasion the way humans do, but they can still feel the excitement and…

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The threat of people relinquishing their pandemic puppies

A huge number of dogs were homed during 2020 but with people returning to normal lives and working from an office, there is a possibility that these dogs will be rehomed. This article was provided by Dr Emma Tecwyn ( Lecturer in Psychology at Birmingham City University). The threat of people relinquishing their pandemic puppies For lots of people living under COVID-19 restrictions, it suddenly…

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Dog-friendly balcony – how to create your own

Your apartment balcony can be a small yet perfect haven for you and your dog. You don’t need an enormous yard to create a dog-friendly outdoor space. Your balcony can be spruced up to make it a world of fun for your dog. It’s really easy to make a dog-friendly balcony and this post will show you how! More often than not, we city dog owners…

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Tips for dogs – everything you need for the summer

Now that Summer has approached, it is time to focus on keeping Fido healthy in the sunshine. This blog post has all our tips for dogs for the summer and how to look after them when the heat goes up and they need a little extra care. Avoid Shortcuts It sounds counter intuitive, but when the mercury starts rising don’t cut your Collie or Shepherd’s fur.…

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Wagathon™ 2021 – All you need to know

Heard about the Wagathon™ but don’t know what it is or how to take part? This press release contains all the information you need about why you (and your dog) should help this cause this year. Plus does anyone really need an excuse to get out with their dog over the August bank holiday?? This August, the UK’s very first Wagathon™, a 9K walking challenge…

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