Major Dog Obedience Show Coming to SBP

The Biggest Dog Training Demo in Norfolk and Suffolk ever staged … Stonham Barns Park will be staging another brand-new event – on Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30 April to capture the interest of anyone who is a dog owner or anyone who is considering dog ownership.   A trio of Shelties at Stonham Barns Park  The Dog Obedience Show at Stonham Barns Park showground will be a major show…

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Bella & Duke donates nearly £4,000 to Therapy Dogs Nationwide

22nd February 2023: Following the recent partnership with Therapy Dogs Nationwide, Bella & Duke is delighted to announce that through its charity referral initiative, their customers have donated a total of £3,920 to the partner charity. The initiative, run from 20th December until 31st January, saw Bella & Duke pledge £20 to Therapy Dogs Nationwide upon every existing customer that referred a friend, with over 195 unique…

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Thousands breaking the law by not microchipping their dog

Thousands of Brits may be hit with a £500 fine, as more than a million dogs in the UK have not been microchipped despite it being a legal requirement. Experts from Quotezone.co.uk have urged pet owners to microchip their dogs and register them on a national database in order to make it easier to track down lost or stolen pups. Photo credit: Pexels.coms The microchipping law was…

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Research Shows Raw Feeding Can Protect Your Pet From Chronic Illness

RESEARCH SHOWS A RAW DIET PROTECTS PETS AGAINST CHRONIC ENTEROPATHY Leading nutritionist says a raw diet is the optimal choice for healthier dogs A recent study from the University of Helsinki has captured headlines for its claims that young dogs and pups that are fed leftovers from their owners’ dinner could benefit from improved gut health and avoid many of the negative impacts of highly…

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Love is a four-legged word, and we all know that life is a little easier with a furry friend by your side. People often think our dogs can’t communicate with us, but actually they speak to us with what they do – their body language and behaviours. If we can learn to recognise these behaviours, we can improve our relationship and build a stronger bond…

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This vet-approved recipe means you can celebrate pancake day with your pup!

“The recipe is really simple and only requires three ingredients. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend pancakes as a regular treat, they are, along with all of the ingredients,  completely safe for your dog in small amounts.” The Recipe * “As flour is usually made from wheat, use an alternative if your dog is intolerant or allergic to grains. Good options include coconut flour or almond flour.”…

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