10 emergency numbers for pet parents


We saw this article by The Dogington Post and had to share with everyone. We just printed out a copy and stuck it to the pet cupboard.


National Animal Poison Control Center: 1 888 426 4435. In an emergency every second counts. The National Animal Poison Control Center is a 24-hour manned emergency hotline sponsored in part by 36 different companies. While there is sometimes a charge for consultation, this call could save the life of your dog.

National Pet Recovery Hotline: 1 800 984 8638. Operating 24 hours a day, the National Pet Recovery Hotline is a great place to start searching if your pet is lost. This membership based service works around the clock to locate missing pets.

Stolen Pet Hotline Information: 1 800 STOLEN PET. In the event that your dog is stolen, the Stolen Pet Hotline will assist you in the best routes to locate and recover your dog.

Animal Legal Hotline: 1 800 555 6517. Do you suspect your neighbors are abusing their dog? Are you having issues with your landlord or tenants over a companion animal? Do you want to report a veterinarian that you believe is operating unethically or illegally? Here is the number to call. The Animal Legal Defense Fund can help with landlord-tenant disputes, veterinarian issues, neglect, and any form of abuse.

Emergency Disaster Hotline: 1 800 227 4645. Provided by the American Humane Association, this number provides support and relief information for pet owners living in areas affected by disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, fire and more.

Pet Loss Support Hotline: 1 888 478 7574. Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine provides a source of emotional support for those who are grieving the loss of a pet or simply anticipating it. Veterinary students answer calls and help individuals dealing with the death of their pets. This free service is funded by the Iams Company and dedicated in memory of Krista Rankin.

Spay HeIpline: 1 800 248 SPAY. Irresponsible breeding results in the abandonment and euthanization of thousands of dogs each year. SPAY USA provides free or low cost services to all. With locations at over 950 programs and clinics nationwide, they eliminate finances as an excuse for not spaying or neutering your pets.

Pet Travel Hotline: 1800 545 USDA. If you plan on traveling by plane with your dog, a quick call to this number will ensure you are prepared for any bumps in the road where your dog is concerned. Run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, this hotline provides travel resources, licensed pet transporter contact information, rules and regulations, and also assists those that believe their animal was treated inhumanely during travel.

National Found Pet Hotline: 1-800-755-8111. Call the National Found Pet Hotline if you’ve found a lost or stray animal and want to report him missing. They will use their extensive resources to assist in returning the animal to his rightful owner.

Lyme Disease National Hotline: 1 800 886 5963. If you have found a tick on your dog or suspect that he may have contracted a tick-borne illness such as Lyme Disease, a call to this number will guide you in treatment and prevention.

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