A Day In The Life of City Dog Expert

We get a lot of people who ask what our daily routine is like so we thought we would write it down for you.

Every day is slightly different but this is the general breakdown


9.30 am Up and ready to shine. We aren’t early risers in this house so when the sun comes up, we reach for the eye mask and go back to sleep. Sometimes it is really nice having lazy dogs.


10am Breakfast. The pups have a very big breakfast every morning. We try and vary the proteins so what the dogs eat varies from day to day. We try and add homemade milk kefir when we have some to boost their gut health. If we don’t have any fresh made up, we add a few supplements and sometimes they have a little garlic and brewers yeast added also

11am Dog Park. We are so lucky that we have a dog park 10 minutes walk away from the apartment. Folly loves to sniff around and ignore me as best she can while Houdini and Jester chase the ball up and down. We always take out Chuck It with us as it removes all the effort out of throwing the tennis balls for 30 minutes.

Treat jars made with dog food, a few herbs and then frozen for the dogs to use like ice pops

11.40am When we get home, it is time to write articles, catch up on social media and do general admin. This is usually when the dogs will have a frozen kong or treat jar to keep them busy while I am on the computer. They mostly sleep until it is time to go out again.

4pm. Depending on the weather, we usually use the afternoon to explore the city or grab a drink. When the sun is shining, there is nothing nicer than taking the dogs with me food shopping at the local food market or walking along the river.

6pm Back to work online. The dogs usually have a few long lasting treats about now. They love bully sticks and bones.

9pm Netflix time. I am one of those annoying people that “multitask” while something is on the tv. We usually binge watch a series of something while I work on my laptop. If we aren’t working, we love to go out to dinner to many of the amazing eateries near us. All of our fav places are dog friendly so the pups are often seen at the pub or food market.

1am Bedtime. The pups have multiple beds on the floor so depending on their mood, they pick which bed they prefer.

That’s a day in the life of City Dog Expert. How does it differ to your day?

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