Amber Weather Warnings Issued Country Wide – Dog Expert Advises How to Safely Walk Dogs In Snow


Amber weather warnings  have been issued across the country for widespread snow and rain. Google Trends has seen a 50% increase in searches for “can i walk my dog in the snow” so dog owners are unsure of how to safely exercise dogs in snow – and what the safety measures are to prevent accidents. 

Warnings such as these have led dog experts Kennel Store to weigh in on how to safely exercise your dog, as minus temperatures head towards the UK.

“With temperatures dropping, it’s important to take extra care of your pup to ensure they’re able to stay safe, whilst still enjoying the colder weather. If your dog doesn’t handle the cold very well, it can leave you wondering if you can take your dog out in the snow. 

Here Are Our Top Tips To Keep Man’s Best Friend Safe on Winter Walks

Check the temperature before walking

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Keep your dog on the lead if it’s snowing

Ensure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag, and they are microchipped

Don’t allow your dog to walk on frozen ponds and lakes

Check your dogs collars and leads

Wipe their paws

Make sure your dog is visible

How To Keep Your Dog Active In Colder Temperatures

Keep your dog active indoors and outdoors

Change your route

Teach your dogs new tricks

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