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Today was unbelievable glorious (even Houdini could not find a fault with the day). That is until, it started to rain. Oh and boy did it rain. It rained and stormed for several hours that I really didn’t want to take the dogs outside but knew I had to.

It seemed like the perfect time to open the Jacquelin Trenchcoats we received from BowhausNYC. We received these a little late in the season and I honestly was not expecting to get much use out of them due to the glorious Spring weather we have been having. Today the coats paid for themselves.

They are simply fabulous and incredibly waterproof with just the perfect amount of give for the dogs to move comfortably but not get too wet

Harley Quinn modelling one side of the reversible trenchcoat

The reason I bought these coats for the babies was because of this classic black and white design (all you regulars know my obsession with black and white). What I hadn’t expected was how much I enjoyed the little pop of color the floral belt gave the ensemble.

The only problem with this trechcoat is that it doesnt quit fit Harley Quinn properly. When I told the owner of BowhausNYC that I had a beagle, she gave me the appropriate size. However, due to Miss Harley Quinn being so skinny and so long, the length of the trenchcoat is perfect from neck to tail, but the velcro fastening underneath is much too big. This was a problem I had expected as shopping for Harley Quinn is a nightmare due to her skinny frame and long back (literally the supermodel of the doggy world!). Thankfully, the belts that come with the trenchcoat cinch Harley Quinns waste nicely and she now has a perfect fit (grace a dieu!)

Houdini looking rather dapper

Houdini looking rather dapper modelling the reverse of the trenchcoat

Houdini on the other hand, was obviously the perfect model and his coat fitted like a glove. I decided that the floral pattern looked lovely on him as firstly he is not ashamed of his love of floral’s, and secondly, I needed to add some color to our miserable walk.

Having not expected to fall in love with the floral pattern originally, I am now a convert. I love it. Classy, sophisticated, St Tropezesque. It reminds me of those incredibly gorgeous men you see in the adverts for incredibly gorgeous clothes filmed on incredibly gorgeous yachts!! Absolutely perfect for my incredibly dapper little gentleman!!

Priced at $60 pet coat, these are not exactly cheap purchases but judging by the quality, they will hold up for a very long time

Thanks Ruby and everyone at BowHausNYC

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Houdini says “c’est perfect”


Harley Quinn says ” kept my hairstyle in place. All good”

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