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We love our dogs for their many uses, quirks and eccentricities. However, a wine expert who is a dog is new (even for us!). Please welcome The Shiba Sommelier  , New York City’s (and possibly the world’s) first dog wine expert!!

Please introduce yourself..

My name is Suki and I’m a red shiba inu born 5/5/2012! I’m the Shiba Sommelier and as far as I can tell, I’m the only 4-legged

Where can people find your wine reviews?

I am a very tech savvy sheeb! You can find me on the following places:


What are your favorite things to do?

I like to review wines, eat treats, make gremlin noises and romp around. I do not like to take baths.

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in Brooklyn and I LOVE IT! The whole neighborhood is mine, so I take long walks to patrol and check in on everything. The park is also mine and I like to go there a lot too. All the other dogs in Brooklyn are nice, so I have lots of friends.

Would you describe yourself as a pampered pooch?

My parents would say so. My mom always goes on and on about cooking fresh food for me, but I just don’t think I’m pampered. I don’t get enough noms or cheese.

What got you started in your career?

Well, I got to thinking. Us Sheebs are pretty sophisticated. We like to live the good life. I thought that fellow sheebs needed a
place where they could come for all their wine needs. So, I started the blog. Turns out some of the Sheebs bring their humans to the
site as well.

Are your owners supportive?

My parents know their place and do what I ask them to do to keep the site up and running. I’m happy to pose for photos and provide
my wine reviews, but I don’t like to deal with domain monitoring, typing, etc. I have better things to do.


What do you enjoy most about running your own Shiba Empire?

Well, us Sheebs are just biding our time for our global takeover. At this point we have our alarming cuteness, our own cryptocurrency (dogecoin) and now a wine blog. Look out, world!

What are your thoughts on underage dog drinking?

Luckily, us dogs have such great noses that we can just smell the wine without drinking it, yet still get the whole sense of the
wine! I tell all my fellow sheebs and dogs to not drink wine, since alcohol and grapes aren’t good for us!

Do you have a favorite wine to date?

It really depends on what I would be pairing the wine with and how much my humans were willing to spend! There are some 5 bone
inexpensive wines on my blog as well as some classic, rare, expensive 5 bone wines! Each has its place.

Do you get paid in treats?

I get noms from my humans but sometimes I get tipped via Dogecoin!

Do you like crackers and cheese with your wine, or just the

Did someone say cheese?!?!

Please list your top 5 must have wines of 2014

Tough question! Rather than 5 specific bottles, I’d suggest that if possible, if you can have the following wines in your home, you’ll be ready for just about any meal!

How do you decide which wines to review?

I like to experience the wide range of wines that are out there. Since the blog is new, I’m trying to cover a lot of the classic,
approachable styles and wine regions. I want to cover the kinds of wines that my readers might be likely to see in a store. That being
said, it is always fun to try something unique like a wine from Georgia or Switzerland!

If you were not an official wine taster, what else would you be doing?

Anything having to do with cheese would be fine by me!

Thank you, City Sit Stay for this wonderful interview!


Thank you Suki for such an incredible interview. We can’t wait to stock up on wine as per your recommendations  

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