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Wedding season is upon us, and on your special day you want to be surrounded by the things you love the most. For many people that means including their dogs at the ceremony (we know we would include ours). So we thought it would be helpful to go over the most frequently asked questions we receive and answer them for you.

Photo Credit: Joe Mikos Photographers

Photo Credit: Joe Mikos Photographers

Will Fido enjoy it?

This is something only you can answer. But knowing if your dog enjoys meeting strangers, is ok seeing you but not being next to you at all times, and is obedient and well behaved will help you in making your decision. Remember that there is often alcohol involved at weddings so expect guests to be a little more excited than normal. Will your dog be ok with that?

A pet can be a guest of honor and simply stand with the wedding party during the ceremony, or your pet can have a specific role (ring bearer or flower girl) in the ceremony. But before giving your pet a starring role, think about whether this will be an enjoyable experience for him.

Should my wedding be indoors or outdoors?

If you have a young puppy or untrained dog, outdoors may be better (in case of accidents) make sure to exercise and potty your dog before. If indoors, make sure that someone is taking Fido out for lots of puppy breaks.

Photo Credit: Dottie Photography

Photo Credit: Dottie Photography


Should we have a dog person in charge of Fido?

Absolutely. You will be distracted with all the human events so making sure that someone you trust is watching Fido is a great way to ease your worries. Trusting friends or family can sometimes be difficult as they wont want to miss out any of the festivities so hiring a dog nanny may be the best option

Should we encourage guests to bring their dogs?

Make sure none of your guests are allergic to dogs as that could ruin the day for you if Uncle Bob keeps asking for allergy pills and sniffing and sneezing during the “I do’s!!”. If the guests bring well behaved, well socialized and toilet trained dogs, it should go smoothly. Some people will designate an enclosed area for the dogs to play and relieve themselves. Others will print out relevant info (dog relief area, etc) and give to each dog owner as they arrive.

Andrea Dozier Photography

Andrea Dozier Photography

What if guests have allergies?

Plan ahead and let people know that dogs will be at the ceremony. We recommend adding it to your invites. We went to a wedding in Long Island where the wedding couple had planned ahead and filled favor bags with hayfever and allergy relief tablets (both homeopathetic and conventional) for the guests with allergies. It was a really thoughtful addition for the guests who may be suffering. (They also had “hangover kits” available which included aspirin and eye masks which were fantastic for those that overindulged!! )

How much should I dress up my dog?

Is the ceremony indoors or outdoors? what will the weather be like? is your dog used to being dressed up? these are all questions to consider. If your dog is not used to wearing clothes, consider just a few flowers on the collar and leash to keep Fido comfortable

Amy Deputy Photography

Amy Deputy Photography

Should we have a pup friendly menu?

If you want your dog to share with your cake then absolutely yes. Just be warned that most ingredients that make a cake taste nice (sugar and chocolate) must be removed before Fido can eat it. It may be better to have a separate cake, just for the pups.

Photo Credit: Zoom Theory Photography

Photo Credit: Zoom Theory Photography



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