Eurotunnel Le Shuttle: The Paw-fect Escape for National Pet Month


We are a nation of dog lovers, and with April marking National Pet Month, many of us might be thinking about travelling abroad with our furry friends. Over 24,000 pets are already booked to make a trip on Le Shuttle in April, suggesting quite a few people have already had that idea!

Le Shuttle has been carrying pets since the Pet Travel Scheme launched in 2000, with over 3 million pet journeys to date. 2022 saw the highest annual number for pet travel with over 360,000 four legged passengers. 

A survey of existing Eurotunnel customers who have travelled with a pet in the last 3 years found that 61.5% regularly take their dog on holiday with them. Many customers said that they choose Eurotunnel over ferry travel for the ability to stay with their pet throughout the journey, making it less stressful. Another key reason is that the journey is by far the quickest method to get to mainland Europe. 

Le Shuttle understands the importance of travelling with your beloved companion and enables you to all remain together in your car for the short 35 minute crossing from Folkestone to Calais. Pet receptions are available in both Folkestone and Calais to allow a hassle free 24-hour pet check-in service and any additional assistance you may need before you em-bark on your journey across the channel. Dedicated facilities include exercise areas with artificial grass and complimentary poop bags. 

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s Top Tips for Travelling with your Pet:

Pets can travel on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle for just £22 per pet each way, which is applicable for Dogs, cats & ferrets; DEFRA Pet Travel Documentation required. Registered Guide and Assistance Dogs travel free. Pet rabbits (along with rodents, birds, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles) are also welcome onboard providing your vet has completed the relevant Veterinary Certificate.  Eurotunnel’s Pet Checklist details all of the requirements specific to the species.

Book your trip with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle from as little as:

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