How To Spring Clean A Dog Lovers Home


Its that time of year again. Time to actually make an effort in the cleaning department and try and remove the dog smell, paw prints, random stains on the floor and carpet in an effort to finally tick something off your To Do List!!

It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but we have your back with our top tips on how to Spring Clean a Dog’s Home


Get The Laundry On

Collect all the dog beds, dog toys, blankets and any other fabric dog accessories and put them in the wash. We wash them at about 40C using Simple Solution cleaning solution and dog friendly washing powder. Of course, read the labels for everything as sometimes a cold wash is the only option for certain dog beds and blankets. However for me, I feel that the hotter the wash, the more likely all odors will die (this is not a science based fact but more one that I made up in my head). We always allow to line dry as the spring air adds a certain something something to the process.

And for goodness sake, clean the fur and dirt out of the machine after use (or make sure your roommate does the next load of laundry)



This time of year, you can’t get away with just using a swiffer to clean the floors (or your socks). Pull that vacuum out of storage (yes I know it is annoying with it’s long leads and cumbersome personality), but it’s the only thing that will really remove that embedded dog hair from the sofa and rugs (and mattress, and random cushion that your dog rests his head on). Just do it and embrace the power of suction.

Wash and Brush The Dog

This take the term “fur baby” to a whole new level!!

Yes we all hate washing and combing the dog, but if you want to remove the dog smell from the house, you have to go to the source…..Fido!!!

Get some nice dog shampoo and treat Fido to a full pamper session in the bathroom “spa”. Alternatively, call your dog groomers for an appointment. Use the code word “SPRING CLEANING” and they will totally understand your urgent need . You can read more about the joys of dog grooming your dog here 


Make The House Smell Amazing

Get a pot of water on the hob and add 1 chopped  lemon, 1 cinnamon stick and some freshly milled black pepper (we only had a pepper grinder to hand, but I am sure any old black pepper will do). Let it simmer on a low heat for a couple of hours making sure you top up the water as needed (please don’t burn your house down).

The entire house will smell absolutely delicious and the UPS man will never know you even have a dog. I heard that real estate agents use this trick all the time and I totally understand why. I wanted to bathe in the fragrance as it smelt so delicious (please don’t bathe in it)


So that’s it. Our top tips on how to spring clean a dog lovers home. Hope you like them. In no time your home will smell and look amazing (even if it is just for Spring)


Do you have any other Spring Cleaning tips that we could add to the list? 

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