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Question: Now the weather has warmed up, I want to take my dog to the beach with me in NYC. Where do you recommend?

Answer: At beaches run by the Department of Parks and Recreation including Rockaway Beach, Coney Island and Brighton Beach, dogs are allowed from Oct. 1 to May 1 which is wonderful when the weather is nice enough to go during the winter months. But where are our pets supposed to go during the beach season?

Thankfully Bring Fido does all the hard work for us with their list of beaches in and around the NYC area that are dog friendly. Our favorites being Montauk and Southampton beaches where they have  no leash laws and dogs may run on the beach with supervision before 9am and after 6pm during peak time.

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Houdini and me on the beach in NYC

If you are not able to leave the city but still want your pup to get a little swim time, you can try Wolfe’s Pond Park and south of the George Washington Bridge where you can find easy access areas for your dog to get in and out of the water.

If you have a lazy day and are near Prospect Park, you can also try the dog beach in there which is a great opportunity for dogs to have a swim in a controlled environment.

If your dog is not a strong swimmer or you have never seen your pup swim, I would recommend purchasing a lifejacket (this being our favorite) which should be worn  at all times in the water.

The other option is to bring the water to you!

Invest in a kids paddling pool that you can fill up just for the pups to paddle in. If you have a garden or balcony this is the perfect option as there is no sand, no dirty river water, just lots of fun

Get a paddling pool for the pups

Get a paddling pool for the pups

Having a well trained dog off leash on the beach can be one of lifes most wonderful pleasures


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  1. Brook says:

    Terrific tips! I would add that a trip up to Rye Playland is worthwhile. The beach is open to dogs when the the amusement park is closed.

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