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Hey y’all.

I know it has been pretty quiet on the blog since our return to Oklahoma and we apologize. It isn’t coz we don’t love ya (we love you loads), it has just taken a while to process the events that happened while visiting a disaster site.

As many of you know, I am a huge animal rescue advocate and deal with dogs and cats in pretty awful situations pretty frequently. Nothing could prepare me for Oklahoma where not just the animals needed help, but the people also.

A child's toys scattered where a house once was

A child’s toys scattered where a house once was

While the trip was very hard to process, it was very rewarding in so many ways. Helping dogs in need and watching them transform from petrified animals to loyal companions was heartbreaking and so joyful.

“Today I broke down in a flood of tears on the shelter floor in Oklahoma.

A Dogue de Bordeaux male had been locked in his pen for the last week as he was too aggressive for the shelter staff to work with. I was asked to look at him and do a little bit of work.

I am not often scared of a dog but knowing Dogue’s are big, powerful animals that really can hurt me, I was a little on the cautious side knowing the shelter staff were concerned for my safety.

I put his slip leash on, and coaxed him out of his cage. His initial confidence and bravado was not surprising as he trundled out of the crate. What did surprise me was the fact that within 10 steps, the dog had turned into a trembling mess who had dropped to the ground shaking and crying. He had just “shut down” and no amount of coaxing or bribing (with delicious treats) was going to get through to him.

Seeing an incredibly majestic, and respected animal turn into a shaking wreck was too much for me. All the emotions I had been suppressing over the days in Oklahoma and build up to arriving here rolled down my eyes as I sobbed for the loss of this dogs spirit. Seeing this dog so broken killed a part of my soul.

My crying seemed to connect with the dog and he gave me eye contact for the first time since arriving. He also sat up and approached me allowing someone to touch him for the first time.

As time continued and he became more comfortable with me, he would allow me to touch other parts of his body and even deliver sacred belly rubs.

In less than an hour of sitting with the dog, we had connected on a level whereby he trusted me to take him outside on his first walk and feel the grass under his feet.

Watching this baby go from a shaking, crying wreck who had “shut down” and deemed aggressive to a dog comfortable enough to be outside on a loose leash was the highlight of my day.

Having him come back to me, tail wagging for a treat may have made my entire year.”


City Sit Stay + City Dog Expert

A special thanks needs to be made to The New York Dog Shop, Bocce’s Bakery, Pawz Dog Boots, and various members of Pup Scouts of NYC. Your cooperate donations and loyal customers made such a difference to so many dogs and helped the people of Oklahoma know that you were thinking of them and their pets.

Thank you all for allowing me to take  time off the blog and take the life changing trip to Oklahoma to help animals desperately in need. Thank you for donating in kind or via the kickstarter campaign to support the effort. Thank you city dogs for caring about the country dogs in Moore, Oklahoma. They are so appreciative of your help and will never forget it, and nor will I.

Oklahoma dogs are living proof that no matter how bad something is, you can pick up the pieces and find joy in your life again. If a dog can wag its tail after being through two tornadoes, what is stopping us from seeing some beauty in this world?

City Dog Expert

Day 1 working with an "aggressive" pitbull puppy

Day 1 working with an “aggressive” pitbull puppy

Jamie holding a puppy after a bath

Jamie holding a puppy after a bath

Chihuahua's found on the streets after the tornado hit

Chihuahua’s found on the streets after the tornado hit

Missing Dogs

Found Dogs

More found dogs

More found dogs

Some of the donations from NYC

Some of the donations from NYC

More donations

More donations

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