Our Thanksgiving Pinterest picks!


While we are all gearing up to spend Thanksgiving with our families, it is important not to forget our pups. We’ve been searching around the internet for Thanksgiving gifts for dogs, we’ve found some really lovely things!

These are just a fraction of the Thanksgiving ideas we’ve found. Our Pinterest album can be seen right here!

(All of these items have come from our pinterest board. We have not received any compensation in any form. We just thought they were cool) 



First up we have this adorable dress by Ruff Ruff Couture (sold by The Posh Puppy Boutique ). It is perfect for any little girly pup to be wearing during the festivities.

Why is this one of our Thanksgiving picks?
Well, how can it not be?! The skill taking to handcraft it all is fantastic and don’t get us started on the gingham material! It is just too cute!




Hows about this sampler of edible goodies from Four Your Paws Only? While there certain things we can’t give our dogs from the Thanksgiving spread, these cookies will surely make up for it!

Why is this one of our Thanksgiving picks?
They are cookies! Sure they are cookies for dogs, but they are still cookies! And the Turkey one looks fantastic!




Etsy, we sure you are aware, is an absolute treasure trove of gorgeous handcrafted items. Great if you are looking for things that are different!

Take this gorgeous Turkey inspired collar flower available from Chic Pooch Boutique, for example. It is lovely and certainly makes a statement.

Why is this one of our Thanksgiving picks?

“Gobble, Gobble”!
We love the whimsical font on the material and the well-placed Turkey head on the button.




Hands up if you love Pumpkin Pie!
We do.
We found this adorable pie inspired leash whilst we were browsing for other lovely Thanksgiving items. This is from Schmoopsie Couture.

Why is this one of our Thanksgiving picks?

Rather than seeing Turkeys all the time, its nice to see something light, flowery and… mmm… pie!



And finally we have this Turkey toy from Tuffie Toys. This old bird, called Talulah, is tough. Really tough. But still soft enough not to hurt your dog’s gums.

Why is this one of our Thanksgiving picks?

Well, one of the CDE staff dogs is a Staffie and she just loves putting the term “tough toys” to the test. This would be absolutely ideal for her.


So, thats our little pick of our favourite things for Thanksgiving on Pinterest.
We hope you all have a lovely time with friends and family, great food and lots of laughs and love.

Happy Thanksgiving!(1)

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