Planning a doggy road trip? Research reveals where in the car dogs feel most comfortable



  • Research by Compare the Market reveals the places in the car that your pooch feels the most settled
  • Dogs were the most uncomfortable in the boot without a view of their owner, which saw their heart rates rise by 20.4%
  • Compare the Market has also created a ‘Pooch Perfect Cars’ Spotify playlist, designed to ease their nerves

For dog paw-rents and their pooches, car journeys can either be a pleasant experience or one that they would rather not embark on.

Using heart rate monitors, Compare the Market carried out a study on four different dog breeds of varying sizes, to determine which locations had their tails wagging and which areas raised their heart rates the most.

The research reveals that the dogs felt the most comfortable when their owner was in view, with their heart rates decreasing by -6.8% in the front seat and -9.5% in the back seat, when compared to their average heart rate.

In contrast, the dogs were the most uncomfortable when secured in the boot with their owner completely out of sight (a 20.4% increase from their average). Behind the drivers’ seat should also be avoided, as this saw a 10.6% increase.

Compare the Market reveals the full results of each dog as follows:

NameBreedAvg. heart rateDifference in front seat (%)Difference in back seat with owner view (%)Difference in back seat without owner view (%)Difference in the boot (%)
MiloJack Russell57-11.9-10.112.922.1
RaffyCocker Spaniel74-0.5-5.41416.2
MontyRed Fox Labrador68-6.7-
Avg. (%)All four dogs66.2-6.8-9.510.620.4

Expert opinion1 suggests that for our furry friends, their humans are often their main social connection and so being separated from them for a car journey, especially in the boot, can be really isolating and may result in feelings of anxiety.

Adrian Taylor, General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, said: “If you are planning a car trip, don’t forget to consider your dog’s safety and well-being, which extends to where they are secured in your car, what type of music you listen to and ensuring the temperature is controlled.”

If travelling is unavoidable and your dog is showing signs of discomfort, research suggests2 that music with either 50 or 60 beats per minute are best to keep your pooch feeling relaxed.

Compare the Market has created a ‘Pooch Perfect Cars’ playlist on Spotify with songs such as ‘Ronan’ by Taylor Swift and ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen making the list, to help your dog feel at ease on the journey and making it a more comfortable experience for everyone.

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