Protect Your Pup: Beware of These Dangerous Spring Fruits for Dogs


Dog experts at Kennel Store are warning dog owners to keep their furry friends away from a particular Spring fruit following independent research that found a 1,300% increase in Google queries for whether currants, which are in season, are poisonous to dogs. Kennel Store have weighed in and provided the following expert comment on currants, and other Spring fruit that are toxic for dogs, and what owners can do to prevent their pets from becoming unwell

“When eating Spring fruits, make sure to keep them out of reach of your pets or in some form of container. Many fruits that are currently in season contain some level of cyanide which is safe for humans to ingest, but poisonous for dogs even in small amounts and can cause difficulties with oxygen flow throughout their bodies. Some Spring fruits can also cause kidney failure in your furry friends and may pose as choking hazards.”

What popular Spring fruits are poisonous for dogs?

Grapes, currants, raisins & sultanas

“Grapes and their dried counterparts – currants, raisins & sultanas – are incredibly toxic to dogs and can lead to acute kidney failure or even death. The dried versions are more likely to cause severe symptoms for your dog. Even a small amount of these fruits could cause severe problems for your dog, no matter their size.”


“Cherries contain small amounts of cyanide in their outer shell which can be lethal to dogs if ingested in high amounts. The pits, stems and leaves of cherries can also cause intestinal blockage and damage in dogs. Maraschino cherries are also unhealthy for dogs as the sugar content can cause an imbalance of the bacteria that live in their gut.


“The seeds or pits of Apricots contain cyanide which can be poisonous to dogs if ingested in large amounts and can cause various dangerous symptoms in your furry friend like vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties, seizures, and in severe cases, death. The pits of apricots also pose a choking hazard and may cause intestinal blockages.”


“Peaches have pits that contain amygdalin, a toxin that can cause kidney failure within dogs and in worst-case scenarios, death. Dogs can experience acute poisoning if they consume a large number of peach pits. Additionally, swallowing peaches that contain pits can cause choking hazards and intestinal blockage in dogs, which can also prove fatal.”

Signs that your dog may have eaten something toxic:

“If your dog has eaten something toxic, symptoms can appear rapidly in your furry-friend, but could take a few days to develop in some cases. Be alert for the following:

“No matter the size of your furry-friend, poisoning in dogs is an emergency. If you are concerned that your dog has consumed something poisonous, take your dog to a vet for a professional medical screening and treatment. Take note of your surroundings and what your dog may have eaten and inform your veterinarian so that they can prescribe the best course of treatment.”

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