Hownd Foam Wash Review

While these products were sent to us by Hownd, all opinions are our own   It’s that time of year again, when the leaves fall, the air turns colder, and the dogs get more filthy after every walk!!! I wish there was a way to wrap the dogs up in bubble wrap so they never got dirty again, but sadly…

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I heart Pet Head

My dogs smell…….delicious!! Since discovering Pet Head Dry Clean I have become obsessed with spraying Harley Quinn and Houdini with the stuff. I smells so good, I want to wear it myself. The flavor is Blueberry Muffin but smells to me like an incredibly sweet summer wine (my favorite) and I think it would be delicious with pears and brie!…

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Bath Buffer Review

The lovely people at Spongables sent us the Haute Dog Bath Buffer to try out on the hounds (specifically the dirty dog that is Harley Quinn). Bathing the dogs has never been the most fun thing in the world, and I often get more wet and covered in product than the dogs do! I was biting at the bit to…

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Review of Harry Barker Natural Refreshing Spray

Ever wanted to know what “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” smelled like? Then Harry Barker Natural Refreshing Spray is for you. This product smells incredible. The floral scent is delicate and not remotely overpowering yet manages to cut through that “eau de wet dog” perfectly. Harry Barker advises using on a dry coat but I have been spraying…

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