The Boudoir Interview with Cubby and Ginger


In the city, space is a premium but these pampered pooches are given more square footage than most New Yorkers!

In the second of the Boudoir series, we ask Erika Searl how her city dogs live and share her “human” space.

Cubby and Ginger are the epitome of style and grace when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. These two pups work hard as charity pups and play hard as reality tv stars and socialites.

Cubby and Ginger

Cubby and Ginger

Where do you live?

We live in an alcove studio in West Midtown.  The realtor says it is over 500 square feet . . . it feels smaller to us with all of the doggy items we have inside!

Please introduce the pups?

Ginger is an 8-yr old Yorkshire terrier with a lot to say.  She is very vocal and loves to spend her time outside on long walks and sniffing out squirrels and rats in parks.  Cubby, a 5-year old West Highland terrier, is a foodie.  She loves to eat and does not like to miss any of the social events where there are always plenty of treats and doggy friends to see.   Both pups were adopted from local shelters.

Ginger in her play pen

Ginger in her play pen

What makes Cubby and Ginger different to most dogs in the city?

Cubby and Ginger run with a pack of other philanthropic pups. Cubby is a therapy dog and works with The Good Dog Foundation and A Fair Shake for Youth – she visits schools, nursing homes, and other facilities all around the city several times a month.  They also volunteer with Yorkie911 Rescue and visit homes of prospective adopters to make sure the homes are safe for pups.  Both pups starred on a local reality TV show called Doggie Moms that aired on NYC life back in 2011.  They are proud of the show because it offered many tips and advice for dogs and their human companions.  Cubby and Ginger recently started their own online diary to chronicle their adventures – .

Cubby and Ginger go everywhere with you in NYC. What do they love most about being city dogs?

New York City has just about everything that one could think of to satisfy dogs!  We love that we can romp in Central Park off leash in the morning, head to an outdoor café for lunch, and then get dressed up for a doggy social event in the evening.  Our doggy social calendar is always full! We walk several miles each day and love to explore the different neighborhoods, dog-friendly shops, and sites.

Nothing beats a Manhattan skyline view for these pampered pets

Nothing beats a Manhattan skyline view for these pampered pets

What is the most difficult thing about having dogs in the city?

We have to be extra careful with all of the car traffic and bikes. A bike share program was just launched at the end of May, so now there are even more tourists biking around the city and they sometimes forget to obey the traffic laws.  We rely on public transportation to get around so it would be very nice if the trains finally allowed dogs to ride.

What are Cubby and Ginger’s fav things to do in the city?

We love the variety of choices that the city offers!  They especially love all of the parks where they can sniff for critters.  Some of their favorite annual events include the Bark in the Park with the Mets, the American Cancer Society Bark for Life dog walk, A Fetching Affair with The Good Dog Foundation, and Broadway Barks.  They also love that many events and activities are easily accessible on public transportation.

Some of the incredible designer dresses that Cubby and Ginger wear. Desgned by none other than their own mom

Some of the incredible designer dresses that Cubby and Ginger wear. Desgned by none other than their own mom

What do you wish you had for them more than anything?

I wish they were covered under my medical insurance policy!  They do each have an insurance policy, but we would save so much money if their vet visits were covered under my plan!

Would you sacrifice their city life for a country estate?

They would both love to live in the country where they could frolic off leash outside more often.  As long as it was a short train ride into the city for all of the events and activities the city has to offer!

How do you keep the balance of having a small space but allowing the dogs to be dogs?

We spend a lot of time outside and travel quite a bit.  We treat our apartment as a safe place to relax and regroup before we head out on our next adventure.  The dogs love to relax in their playpen – it is like a cozy den for them. We also rely on The Container Store storage solutions!

Organization is key in a city dog apartment

Organization is key in a city dog apartment

How have the dogs changed your life?

The pups have introduced me to an entirely new social circle – many wonderful and amazing people.  I have also modified the way I travel.  I used to take several international trips each year.  Now we tend to focus on places where we can drive and where pets are welcome.  They have also helped me to stop and smell the roses.  They stop and smell just about everything!!

Dogs everywhere

Dogs everywhere

What is a typical day for Cubby and Ginger?

We all go walkies first thing every morning.  Then breakfast of Honest Kitchen and Stella & Chewy’s.  If it is the weekend, we are out and about early exploring the city.  During the week, we head out in the early evening and usually have doggy social plans including volunteering, fundraisers, pawties, and play dates.  Cubby also loves to watch TV so she gets plenty of couch time every day for her favorite shows!

Thanks so much Erika, Cubby and Ginger

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