The Covid Chronicles and our Dogs- Ruby (NYC, USA)


Covid 19 is now on all continents (but Antarctica), and life will not go back to “normal” for many of us for a very long time.

With that said, it seems the only winners in this pandemic are the worlds dogs who now have their humans with them 24/7 and finally get all the belly rubs they deserve.

As all cities in the world are at different stages of containment/ isolation/ quarantine, I thought it would be helpful to see how other City Dog Owners are managing to keep themselves and their dogs sane. Hopefully we can learn from each other and realize that we are all in this together (yes I just quoted High School Musical and I’m proud).

To kick off the series we have Ruby the cockerpoo in Manhattan, NYC

Ruby the dog

Ruby the dog dressed up as Madonna for Halloween

Hello everyone!  My name is Amy and I live with my 8 year old cockapoo Ruby.

I work in the insurance field as a Staff Assistant supporting over 100 people.  I’ve been doing this for over 4 years and love my job and the teams i support.

Ruby is the love of my life.  I brought her home when she was only 9 weeks old.  What a little cutie she was who has blossomed into a little princess.

Ruby and I live in NYC on the Lower East Side.  Today is day 34 since we’ve been home due to the pandemic.  I feel like a hostage in my home.  Thankfully I get out to walk Ruby 4 times a day.  It has increased since she’s not at daycare and she doesn’t understand why.  So I take her out to get fresh air and see others then just me.

I am lucky to work from home.  I have been doing that since Friday, March 13th and at that time, we only thought this would be for 2 weeks.  How wrong we were.

New York City is not on lockdown but we are told to stay at home and only go out for groceries, the pharmacy, or to exercise or walk your dog.  We are also ordered to wear masks.  A lot do not wear masks and there are those that do but around their necks.

Unfortunately the majority of New Yorkers do not understand the meaning of Social Distancing – 6 ft apart from the next person.  As NY is so densely populated, the only time it is best to walk Ruby is at 7 AM or 6:30 PM.  Most are home during those times.

I would normally take Ruby for a walk along the FDR Drive but it is so heavily populated that the only place Ruby and I can distance ourselves is by walking in the grass.

ruby the cavapoo

Thankfully, and so far, Ruby and I are okay.  But it’s scary out there because most think they will never catch this and I frankly do not want to be near anyone at this time.

What I do miss is seeing my friends and family, going to the theatre and out to dinner.  Passover is a time for families & friends to get together and celebrate by having a huge dinner known as a seder.  This year I joined seders on line.  Although great, definitely not the same thing as sitting next to your family and friends.

ruby the cockerpoo and her owner

I do my best to keep Ruby engaged but some times she is just not in the mood.  We play fetch and catch the ball, we go for walks – long ones at 7 AM and 6:30 PM, and we nap.  I’m very fortunate to have Ruby.  She is a true companion and one I cherish daily.

Hopefully we will embrace a ‘new normal’ by June but until then, we will follow the rules and be safe.  It’s a small price to pay but a price that can determine the difference between life and death.

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