Things to Do: Breed Specific MeetUp groups

Beagle MeetUp

Beagle MeetUp

I say this to all my dog training clients all the time. Socialisation is one of the most important things you should be doing with a puppy and well behaved dog, and breed specific MeetUp’s are my favorite. is my favorite site for searching for breed specific, small dog and puppy events in and around my area. But there are other options including NYC DOG who work directly with  New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and who represent most of the dog park groups in NYC.

We went to the Beagle Pack meeting on Saturday and really had the most wonderful time. Harley Quinn had a lot of fun with her people, Houdini showed off how well he was compared to the crazy hounds, and I had a lot of fun making new friends and asking breed specific questions to other doggy moms and dads.

Beagle moms and dads

Beagle moms and dads


Wanna see a video of Harley Quinn and her new boyfriend Oliver? He is 2 months younger so just proves that Ms Quinn likes them young!


Have you tried a breed specific meetup? Tell us all about it

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  1. jackie acosta says:

    hi i wanted to see the video but cannot, how do i check it out? jackie/buddy

    • I am so sorry it isn’t working for you. Have you tried clicking it to view directly in Youtube?
      I have tried to view in chrome and Internet Explorer with no probs. What browser are you using?
      Let me know how you get on

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