This vet-approved recipe means you can celebrate pancake day with your pup!


“The recipe is really simple and only requires three ingredients. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend pancakes as a regular treat, they are, along with all of the ingredients,  completely safe for your dog in small amounts.”

The Recipe

* “As flour is usually made from wheat, use an alternative if your dog is intolerant or allergic to grains. Good options include coconut flour or almond flour.”

The Method

“For dogs prone to pancreatitis, steer clear of the oil altogether.”


“No pancake is complete without toppings, however, many of our favourites, such as chocolate sauce, lemon, nuts, maple syrup and cream, are not safe to be ingested by our four-legged friends. Thankfully, there are many other options to choose from in order to make your pooches pancakes a little more exciting.”, says Dr Simon.

Ingredients to stay away from

pancakes with citrus and cream

Further advice from Dr Linda Simon

“When it is time to serve up, make sure you allow the pancake to cool to room temperature first. Otherwise, the smell may be so delectable that your dog chomps it down before giving it time to cool, which could burn their mouth or even lead to oral ulcers.”

“Make sure your dog doesn’t overindulge. A small dog should only get a few bites of a pancake, while a giant breed would be able to eat a whole pancake with ease. Feeding too many pancakes can lead to an upset stomach and bloating.”

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