Travelling with Fido- Plane addition


Travelling is stressful enough at the best of times. Add a dog into the travel mix and sometimes planes, trains and automobiles can send any dog owner running for the hills.

Here are our top tips on travelling with your small dog on a plane.

Be Organised

I try to pack at least a few days in advance so I have time to make sure I have everything I need. Lists help. Obviously you need the basics (food, bowls, etc). But you also need to make sure you have enough medication if Fido needs it and a First Aid kit in case of emergency.

Make sure you know your airlines pet policy. Every airline has different weight limits so make sure you know ahead of time what they are. Also, different airlines have different seat dimensions meaning that you need to  check ahead of time as to if Fido’s pet carrier will fit. All airlines we have ever used require advance booking and a “pet fee” to be paid so make sure you have done this ahead of time.

Pack Extra for the Flight

Flights get delayed and cancelled all the time. Don’t be caught short while travelling. We always pack extra collars and leads, pee pads and food (just in case). There is nothing worse than having a lead break or collar get lost when you are in a foreign area and don’t know where the nearest pet shop is (or can’t leave the airport!). We don’t recommend changing your dogs regular food while on a trip so if you aren’t sure if you can get it while on vacay, make sure you bring it with you (and pack extra to allow for delays).


Bring Toys on your Travels

Keeping your dog entertained on a long journey can sometimes mean just packing an extra tennis ball, bully stick, or frozen kong. As you won’t be able to walk your pup much in the airport (and most doggy relief stations are limited), make sure you keep Fido in other ways. If you don’t have space for lots of extra toys and boredom busters, use the wait time as a chance to improve training, or maybe teach a few new tricks?

Something to suck on

Give your dog something to suck on during take off and landing. Just like humans, painful pressure can build up in your dogs ear so having them chew on a odorless bully stick or lick a treat can make all the difference.


Make sure you have all your dogs vet details for travel

Make sure you have a copy of your dogs details saved on your phone, and an extra hard copy with you in case you need to go to the vet or there is an emergency.


Do you have any other tips and tricks for flying with your dog on a plane?

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