UK social enterprise in bid to curb stray dog population growth


MANCHESTER, UK, 4Tth May 2023 – UK rescue is at breaking point due to pandemic puppies being abandoned and dogs surrendered due to the cost-of-living crisis. Most overseas organisations focus on rehoming dogs out of their country of origin which Dog Desk Animal Action say is not sustainable.

Michelle Robertson, founding director of Dog Desk Animal Action says “While finding homes for dogs in need is hugely admirable, it does nothing to stem the flow of dogs in need of help. It’s like putting a sticking plaster on an arterial bleed. With the current climate in the UK, we have no idea whether bringing another dog in to the country will jeopardize the well-being of another. We have chosen to focus our energy on reducing the number of dogs that need to be rescued in the country of origin through spay & neuter programmes. Each mating & all the offspring over a six-year period can produce as many as 60,000 unwanted puppies. We want to get on top of that number & drive it down”.

Dog Desk Animal Action have launched a major spay & neuter campaign called Trek to Turkey. The campaign involves supporters walking or cycling a selected distance throughout 2023 and raising funds for their challenge which will fund spay & neuter operations.

Already a great success with procedures started in Ankara, the organisation is looking for people to sign up to the challenge. Dale Robertson, director said “People from all walks of life with differing levels of fitness have joined in, walking anything from a few miles to hundreds. It’s a great way to get outside in the sunshine and raise money for a good cause. Life is incredibly difficult for pups born on the street. Many don’t survive disease or injury. Some are mown down by traffic or killed by adult dogs. Female dogs live a miserable existence either pregnant or nursing with not much respite from either”

Dog Desk Animal Action have had close to 2,000 spays through the clinic they funded in the southwest of Turkey & hope to continue in Ankara, Bilecik & Aydin this year.

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