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Following on from our post about the dog poo DNA post, we have received a fantastic product from PoopPot to show you.

PoopPot_packaged_50_1_80The PoopPot is a fantastic product for those who aren’t particularly keen on carrying full and smelly poop bags around until a bin can be found.

Being a responsible dog owner is paramount but picking up after their dog still isn’t a priority for some people because they think that it is unhygienic, smelly and disgusting. Well, they should really get a PoopPot. It is small, portable and locks away any nasty odours due to being an air tight container.


Jaina and I took the PoopPot out for a test drive and found that it was a brilliant piece of kit. We often walk where there aren’t any bins for quite some distance (and if I take her to walk around the old quarry, there are no bins what so ever!) so being able to just pop the poop inside the pot until we got to a bin was brilliant. I just clip the pot onto the ring on her lead and off we go! I love the little touch of the dog shaped carabiner-type clip, it really finishes off the look of the product.




Currently, there is only one size available through PoopPot’s website, but we have been informed that there is a larger sized pot coming out really soon which is fantastic for big dog owners or for when you are out somewhere for a long period of time and may need a pot with a higher capacity to fit more bags in.

We love everything about the PoopPot and think that it is a very handy product for all city dog owners. Sometimes, bins aren’t as common as you’d like but you still have to put your dog poop bags somewhere. The PoopPot allows you to carry them with you until you find a bin, but locks away any bad smells and means you don’t have a full bag hanging in your hands. You can find PoopPot on Facebook or on Twitter and you can buy one for yourselves directly from their website at http://pooppot.co.uk/.


The lovely people at PoopPot would like to giveaway 1 pot to 5 lucky City Dog Expert readers. It’s open to everybody, no matter where you are, and all you have to do it follow the simple instructions below. Giveaway will be open from March 16th to March 20th. Winners will be notified via social media. Good luck everyone!

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