Soopa Dog Treats Review

While City Dog Expert were sent these Soopa treats to try, all opinions are our own I love supporting European products and when the team at Soopa asked if the gang would be up for trying some of their tasty treats, we jumped at the chance. Soopa treats are healthy, low calorie and insanely moreish (if you ask Houdini!!). The treats…

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20k Giveaway Picnic

Wow guys, we just reached 20,000 followers on Instagram and I am blown away with the support we have had over the years. I was flabbergasted when we reached 10,000 and even more on shock this time around. What we thought we would do is have a fun day out in London with a few “Famous Dogs of Instagram” and…

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PAWtechnologies Tag Alert

While we were sent 2 PAWtechnologies tags to try, all opinions are our own   Folly is a typical Pomeranian and doesnt have the best recall in the world. In fact, her recall is so awful, that when her collar broke last week, instead of coming back to me when called, she decided it would be much more fun to try and run…

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Dog Apartment Hacks

Living in the City can be hard  enough for adults, let alone adults with dogs (or multiple dogs like in my case!!). Space comes at a premium for us City dwellers so we decided to put together our top dog apartment hacks for living in a small space Multipurpose Furniture When you live in the City, space is a premium…

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Subscription Box for Dogs from Pawprint Deli

While we were sent a Pawprint Deli Dog Subscription Box to review,  all opinions are our own The concept of a pet subscription box is not a new one. They have been on the market for several years and often I find them underwhelming providing the same treat options and toys with very little variety. When the team at Pawprint…

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