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It’s the end of February, and all of our New Year’s Resolutions have just gone out of the window. Motivation is low, and frankly, we can’t be bothered.

In an effort to get back on track with our New Years Healthy habits, we have teamed up with Nineteen87 to inject some healthy eating (and treating) into the dogs lives.

NIneteen87 Chicken Dog Food

You may remember us featuring Nineteen87 a few months ago here as the dogs absolutely loved the food and healthy treats.

Nineteen87 dog food is baked (rather than extruded like kibble), which helps retain the “goodness” and means there is no need for flavour enhancers of any kind.

Every formula is made with 50% fresh chicken, lamb, beef or salmon, and all sourced from within the UK. This reduces the carbon footprint of the ingredients travelling and helps to maintain high standards of ingredients. Yup, another two of our resolutions ticked off.

We were sent the Welsh Chicken Starter Packs (which are currently on offer at £4.99 here), which includes a sample of food, and 2 types of treats to try. The duck Baked Bites are by far the fav in this household.

Nineteen87 Baked Bites and Dog Food

The advantages of Nineteen87 are

  • NO MEAL: Absolutely no meat meal or flavourings are added. All chicken is sourced locally in the UK.
  • GRAIN FREE: There are additionally grain free options which means no wheat, maize, barley not oats. This means it is not only healthy, but that we also have options that cater to all types of dogs including those with sensitivities to wheat and grains that cause common intolerances.
  • BAKED IS BEST: Oven baking ensures the food is gently cooked and not subjected to typical mass produced processes. Baking, therefore, locks in the goodness of essential ingredients as well as creating real flavour and an extra crunchy texture.
  • ADDED BOTANICALS: We have added tasty and nutritious plants and extracts to ensure that your dog gets much needed vitamins and minerals to keep them looking and feeling in top condition.

Nineteen87 Baked Bites Duck

The dogs absolutely love the food, but the duck treats are the most popular treats in our household bar none



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